Bee Wise

8 years 

of working together

Meet the team

Cristian Crasneanu

Cristian is an ambitious and autonomous individual with a strong creative streak. He is determined, devoted, and focused on achieving his goals. He is friendly and honest in his interactions, and values his independence. Despite this, he is also a team player and is eager to learn, which makes him a valuable addition to any team. Cristian also has a good sense of humor which makes him easy to work with.

Dimitri Strauneanu

Dimitri is a highly organized and meticulous individual who is focused and calm under pressure. He is known for his professionalism, honesty and integrity, and possesses strong problem-solving abilities. He is dependable, reliable, and takes responsibility for his actions. He is able to work independently and has a willingness to learn, which makes him a valuable asset to any team.


Cristian and Dimitri are a highly organized and dependable team, with a strong focus on problem-solving and achieving goals. They possess complementary skills, with Dimitri’s organized and meticulous nature balancing Cristian’s ambition and creativity. Both are known for their honesty, integrity, and professionalism. They also both value independence and teamwork and have a willingness to learn which makes them a strong team. Their good sense of humor and friendly nature will make them easy to work with.

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Iași, România