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Meet the team

Cristian and Dimitri are a highly organized and dependable team, with a strong focus on problem-solving and achieving goals. They possess complementary skills, with Dimitri’s organized and meticulous nature balancing Cristian’s ambition and creativity.

Our goals

Our goal is to deliver a mobile app that is built right, with clean and strong architecture, high quality code, and minimal defects. By focusing on best practices, we strive to minimize effort and maximize functionality and flexibility, ensuring your app is a solid foundation for future growth and success.

How do we achieve our goals?

Experience & Team

Our team has been working together for 7 years, delivering top-notch mobile app solutions. With over 10 successful app builds under our belt, you can trust us to bring your ideas to life.

Technologies: Native & cross-platform

Our team stays ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest technologies in mobile app development. We build both native and cross-platform apps using Swift, Kotlin and React-Native ensuring that your app is cutting-edge and user-friendly. With our expertise in these technologies, we bring your vision to life with innovative solutions that set your app apart from the rest.

Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture from Uncle Bob ensures that your mobile app is scalable, maintainable, and easy to modify. It reduces the amount of resources needed for development and maintenance, leading to a faster, simpler and more efficient process for the client.

Our work: Portfolio

iGlume: Râdem și glumim

iGlume is a mobile app that aims to bring daily laughter to its users.

Technology: React-Native(Typescript)

We built iGlume from scratch: idea, design, backend, mobile apps.

Available on: App Store, Google Play

impulzity - Your companion 

impulzity is designed to support teams in their daily work with positive, relevant, and individualized impulzes.

Technology: React-Native(Typescript)

We built impulzity from scratch: mobile apps.

Available on: App Store, Google Play

Bloom: Schedule online appointments

Bloom is an all-in-one mobile app that allows clients to schedule appointments 24/7, providing a convenient and user-friendly booking experience. 

Technology: iOS(Swift), Android(Kotlin), Backend(Swift)

We built Bloom from scratch: idea, design, backend, mobile apps.

Available on: App Store, Google Play


Streetography is a photo-based mapping platform that revolutionizes the way we experience the world through our smartphones.

Technology: iOS(Swift), Android(Kotlin)

We built Streetography from scratch: mobile apps, frameworks.

See STPhotoMap: iOS, Android


No, we are a fully remote team based in Romania and are not willing to relocate for projects. All of our work is done remotely.

We collaborate ONLY with Independent Contractor Agreement or B2B contract. We are not looking to be employed.

Yes, as a 2-man team, we will both be working on your project based on your maximum number of hours. Having two developers that know the code base brings a lot of advantages such as faster problem solving, code review and a better code quality.

Yes, we have experience working with teams from various locations including Romania, Russia, Thailand, India, and Portugal. We are familiar with Agile methodology and are comfortable working in a distributed team environment.

We use Clean Architecture inspired by Uncle Bob. Additionally, we are open to providing a free proof of concept, where we will deliver a small development of a functional feature for you to analyze and evaluate our coding and architecture practices.

Our time zone is GMT+2.

We use Slack, Email, Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Yes, we are willing to sign an NDA to protect the confidentiality of any sensitive information shared with us during the course of the project.

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